Roy Harper’s Apartment

Roy has the smallest apartment you’ve ever seen and yet you can find everything in it: it has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a separate bedroom.

There are numerous cupboards in the kitchen, all of them filled with food in case a certain speedster decided to drop by. There’s an actual cupboard for Dick and Wally with their favourite cereals and sweets in it. Roy always keeps pasta and some kind of sauce at home because pasta’s the easiest thing to make when he gets hungry. Sometimes (once every year) Ollie surprises him by dropping by and cooking his famous chilli for Roy.

The bathroom is not the most beautiful part of his apartment but he doesn’t mind. He has the simplest shower one can find on the market because come on, after a long night of patrol no one cares what kind of shower they step inside and that the water running in the bathroom is sometimes cold is more like a gift instead of a curse. He has a washing machine but rarely uses it (because that t-shirt is not dirty at all and he wore those pants for like two or maximum five days but who cares, it’s not like anyone’s about to judge him for that), only when he absolutely can’t find a clean pair of socks.

The living room’s huge compared to the other rooms of the apartment. There’s an old couch and a TV in it - the couch was a gift from Ollie (seriously, the guy has the strangest gifts ever but Roy’s secretly a little grateful for it) who wanted to give something to Roy in his new apartment. Ollie wanted to buy a TV as well but that would have made him feel really uncomfortable and back then he really wanted to achieve something all by himself so he did all kinds of works to earn enough money for a TV. So the TV’s 100% his own and he still thinks of it as the most beautiful object in his flat.

In the corner of the living room, right next to the huge window there’s a small closet where he keeps his equipment (bows, arrows, costume).

The bedroom is small, there’s a relatively huge bed in it and a bedside table and that’s it. There’s a window next to his bed that he always keeps open because he can’t sleep if the air’s too hot and humid and also because Dick prefers the window as an entrance and he sometimes swings by and they go up to the roof and talk. He likes that.

Also, there’s a sketch of his bed and the open window. :)

(I hope it wasn’t so boring but I’ve seriously dreamed of that flat various times and I just wanted to get it off my chest. Also, I know this is nothing like the apartment we saw in Young Justice - the one he “shares” with Jason - , this is just the way I imagined his apartment would look like. I’m thinking of making something similar with Jason’s apartment too, since I have ideas about his flat as well. :) Take care.)

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